My name is Becca Egan, and I believe that everything we do should be to its full potential, to its entirety. That’s the reason I chose “Be Entirely” as my website name.

If you’re going to be organised, be entirely organised; if you’re going to be efficient, be entirely efficient; if you’re going to be resourceful, be entirely resourceful and so on. I don’t see the the value in half-heartedness for the individual or their wider community. That’s my promise to my client’s too- I will ensure whatever services you require of me are of the highest standards, in both design and efficiency- entirely so!

I want to help you to make your business efficient and resourceful; to use strategic web- development and positive user experiences on your website to improve revenue for your company. I want to make sure that you feel confident in post-website-production maintenance, through training from me, or indeed a maintenance package provided by yours truly at Be Entirely.

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I look forward to working with you.

I create websites that enable businesses to reach their true potential, and I strive for my clients to be entirely satisfied with the services I provide.

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Web Design Facts

90% of users switch to a competitor site after a poor website experience
39% of people will stop engaging with a site if images won't load
94% of negative website feedback is design based
73% of companies invest in design to get stand out among competitors

My Mission is...

...to ease the pressure of technical tasks for my clients.
...to change your work schedule through efficiency and automation so you can spend time doing what you love, with the people you love!
...to enhance your business, and to improve your revenue.

Want to set some goals? Have Questions?

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