How to Reach Your Target Clients

Increase your customer base and build your business by ensuring you hit your target audience, or your target client base. 

You can do this simply by:

  1. Define your target persona- when you know who you want to target well enough, you will see how to target them in a clearer way. It is very important to niche down and develop target client profiles in your mind, or on paper. This develops understanding of how their mind works and what advertising or hook will appeal to and be affective upon them.
  2. Building rapport with those who engage already- a positive feeling leads to a positive message through the community, so you can develop your own community of followers. Establishing an emotional connection through story telling has never been as fundamental in building a personal brand.
  3. Share videos of your products and services – when something is seen in action or a visual is given people are more likely to engage and to purchase. Use apps like Instagram, TikTok or Linked In depending on where most of your clients will be found.
  4. Follow up – if you get a query or comment, reply, engage and be comprehensive in it.
  5. Focus on face-to-face interactions when possible, or show your face on you Social Media platforms and website. Invite clients to communicate directly with you, like you can do with me on my Be Entirely Contact page.
  6. Show your appreciation – if a customer feels valued and appreciated they will return, this is where loyalty cards and discounts for return customers can come in useful too! You can design these on apps like Canva.

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