Improve Your Time Management 

Do you struggle getting all your jobs done? Every wish that you could wave a magic wand?

While a magic wand cannot be linked for purchase or download, there are some tips below help you be entirely organised!

  1. Set your watch/ clocks/ alarms all five – ten minutes earlier than needs be. As the old saying goes, if you’re not five minutes early, you’re late! Don’t allow yourself to give in to that five minutes knowing it’s there and after a short while it’ll become a habit for you to be ‘early’ or at least now, on time!
  2. Limit distractions- whatever your vice is, hide it! Whether it is your phone, your colleagues or your time spent looking for nice snacks, limit the way these effect your time. You can put your phone in a different room for instance. You can also give clear time boundaries to your colleagues or prepare all your snacks the evening before your working day.
  3. Checklists- use a notebook or programs like Trello to create a to-do list and then check off the items as you go- set competitive times for the tasks and see can you beat the clock! You could also make a schedule for the week or just the day ahead. This helps to ensure you have a running order for tasks ahead.
  4. Limit screen time on your social media apps through the apps themselves, or through your phone settings, or indeed by using apps like ColdTurkey, StayFree- Stay Focused or Screen Time.
  5. Delegate tasks that others can do for you and prioritise the tasks you have left to hand yourself. That could mean within you business or by outsourcing work such as web analysis or web design to someone like me, here at Be Entirely!
  6. Deadlines- if you don’t have them, you can’t reach them! Make sure to place realistic deadlines and targets. This makes them more achievable and gifts that sense of achievement. A small reward such as lunch out can give inspiration to continue this positive pattern!

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