Morning Wellness Routine

Here are five steps you can take each morning to improve your wellbeing:

  1. Set the right wake-up call:

Have an old fashioned clock alarm instead of your phone wake you in the morning. This way, you can leave your phone in the kitchen/ elsewhere over night and you won’t feel compelled to get lost on social media or even clicking in to negative news articles before your brain has the chance to waken up!

     2. Make your bed:

Something as simple as shaking out the sheets and laying your duvet down neatly gives you positive endorphins and sets your brain into trusting its ability to complete tasks, however basic. You’re wiring your brain in a way that makes it feel proud of itself!

     3. Drink a glass of warm lemon water:

This flushes any toxin build-up in your system from your night’s rest. It cleans the slate so-to-say and supports great organ function for the day ahead. You’ll feel super refreshed after with a zesty start to your day.

     4. Stretch:

Click this link to see a great five minute morning stretching routine that will put your body in neutral for the day ahead, rather than starting your day strained or stiff due to sleeping, old injuries or simple, good old ageing!

     5. Practice gratitude:

The last tip, is the most straightforward and easily fits in during any or all of the above tasks- some prefer to journal or keep a diary to note their gratitudes, but simply picking three things in your mind and reciting “I am grateful for X” in your minds eye will start a positive mental domino effect for all that is to come in the day ahead, and make you feel the abundance of positive things in your life. There are plenty of resources here online, such as Mindful.org or Happify.com.

Don’t forget to share these five useful morning routine tips with friends and family, to help them enhance their wellbeing and their lives too!


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